2006-2008. "Here... where the land ends and the sea begins." (Luis vaz de Camoes). This laconic and accurate phrase of the Portuguese 16th century poet is carved into the cross-like monument at Cabo da Roca. I think that one of the most important elements that define a European identity is religion. It unites its inhabitants and simultaneously separates them from the "others", the "unbelievers".

Sintra is the biggest tourist destination of the four geographical ends.
From the 15th century and on the summer vacation house of the Portuguese kings was located here. Cabo da Roca, the starting point of the journey for great explorers and seafarers. In front of me the Atlantic Ocean, across is America. It is said that once Columbus, worried about the weather, tied his ships here.

Azoia, 5 kilometers from Cabo da Roca.
Sodade, a word that cannot be translated into any other language. I ask Maria JoaĻŒ what it means to her. "It is the feeling of loneliness that is born as you look out on the endless ocean, hoping that someone will visit you".

I travel to Setubal and from there to Sesimbra. Wanting to understand the landscape and its inhabitants, I visit the crumbling monastery of Nossa Senhora in Cabo Espichel. At the end of the bus route, another half-hour walk to the monastery, and my mind returns to the purpose of my trip. To the meaning of finality, a meaning which torments me.