In the winter of 2008-2009 I was assigned by the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki to work on a project about the Greek island of Skopelos. My take was to photograph the island's teenagers. I started shooting their portraits outdoors, the details of their private rooms, the landscape. They all wanted to be photographed well dressed and to create an image similar to their fashion icons. Irini in front of a rock, Sofia at the port, Anestis at the rocks of Plaka, Yiannis at Stafylos, Dimitris in the middle of the road, Constantina at a mountain quarry, Manolis in front of Episkopi, Elli in the village, Lena near the stadium.
They talked to me about the island's daily routine, their feeling of boredom and isolation in the winter, when all the tourists are gone. They were longing for summer. They were looking forward to growing up, eager to leave the island for a life in the big city.