"Boundaries are drawn to create and maintain a spatial order: to gather some people and things in certain places and keep other people away from those spaces. Each model of spatial order divides humans into "desirables" and "undesirables". Each boundary is meant to prevent the two categories from mixing in one space..."
-- Zygmunt Baumann

In my own personal search for boundaries, I stumbled upon a powerful instrument. By nature, the medium of photography functions through the setting of a frame, including in the image certain pieces of the world, and excluding others. Photography's immense power to draw lines and to ascribe meaning to things was paramount to me. Thus the camera became my means of putting the world around me, as well as within me, in order. The photograph's frame gradually became my set of mind, my way of signifying reality, of knowing and growing. And I use that process, in order to constantly debate the solidity, or the fluidity of those boundaries around us, their fairness and impact in various realms of life, be it politics, territory, culture, society, or personal life.

As a result, I work on long-term projects about culture, identity, urbanization, isolation and transition. Using a documentary approach, I am inclined to create imaginary narratives through an apparently geographic exploration of space. Space and borders can thus be used as an excuse, or as metaphor, for other, more abstract kinds of "territory", gathering and appropriation.

I create portraits of people and landscapes. And, by framing them, I am finally able to capture my own fleeing identity: I am putting together, piece by piece, my own self-portrait. Above all, I am a storyteller. Sequence plays an important role in my work, and thus I tend to create narrative series, rather than images that stand alone. In a sense, I am looking to find alternative ways of research and documentation, a new kind of documentary photography narrating life. I discover my topics researching the media, sometimes in an almost scientific manner. Meanwhile, facts or data collected may very well in the end serve as mere excuses or a starting point for more or less poetic photographic explorations: towards new, unmapped "territory", where one is bound to find precious things in the most unexpected of places. In that search, the camera is my guide and accelerator, as one must not forget: there is not much time left.